TOTEM RUN 2021 (Virtual Run)

Wild runners, it is time for you to show your wild face! Our tribe leader, TOTEM leopard, is waiting for you long in nature. He decided to use a different way this year to let you run in the wild, show your primitive character!

TOTEM RUN 2021 is formulated in virtual run. Participants shall follow the event details to finish the 57km route in designated period. You will get 3 Points of ITRA for free.

Event details:
Registration Period: 26th Jan - 30th April
Virtual Run Period: 1st April - 30th April
Running Record Submission Period: 1st April - 7th May
Registration Fee: Free

Route: (Start) Pak Tam Chung PHAB Site > Pak Tam Road > Pak Tam Au > Kei Ling Ha > Gilwell Campsite > Beacon Hill > Shing Mun Main Reservoir > Lead Mine Pass > Tai Mo Shan Rotary Club Park
Distance: 57km
ITRA Point: 3
Time limit: 24 hours

57km Route Map

57km Route Elevation Map

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants can register once only.
  2. Participants must complete the route designated by the conference. If participants must deviate from the route due to landslides or other accidents, they must indicate the relevant section and reason when submitting the form.
  3. Participants must upload valid running records to the official system:
    a. The running record must be presented in image format such as .jpg/pdf, and the file size cannot be larger than 3mb.
    b. The running record must clearly show the running route, date (from April 1st to April 30th), and total exercise time.
    c. Running records can be uploaded once only, please choose your Personal Best record.
    d. Once the participant starts running, the 57km running route must be completed within 24 hours.
  4. Participants are not allowed to directly or indirectly use any form of wheel running objects (including bicycles, roller skates, trolleys, shoes with reels, etc.).
  5. If the participant deviates significantly from the designated route, the record will be considered invalid.
  6. As the activity is carried out in the form of a virtual running activity, participants need to plan their own replenishment arrangements to ensure that there are enough food and beverages, and reserve high-calorie supplements and drinking water for emergency use.
  7. Participants should be equipped with electronic equipment that can record movement and position functions, and ensure that the power supply is sufficient for operation during the activity.
  8. Other recommended items: sunscreen, warm clothing, survival supplies (water filter and whistle), cash, Octopus, ID card.
  9. RunOurCity reserves the right to amend the program of the rules and regulations. Should there be disputes, RunOurCity reserves the right to the final decision.